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REPORT of STAHY-WG Session at AGU Fall meeting
During the Americal Geophysical Union – AGU Fall meeting the second iniziative promoted by STAHY Working Group was held in San Francisco on December 19th.
STAHY sponsored the session “Recent Development of Statistical Tools for Hydrological Application” characterized by 10 posters and 6 oral contributions.
The major contribution topics were related to Bayesian approach, Copula function, Long range dependance, Emprical model decomposition and Wavelet. Many types of applications were presented using different data sets: Rainfall, Temperature, Groundwater leves, Superficial aquifer, Soil analysis, Hydraulic conductivity.
 I would like to highlight the contributions of O.J. Mesa and V. K. Gupta on Hurst parameter and of B. Schaefli on Bayesian spectral likelihood.

San Francisco, December 19th, 2008

Some pictures from the session

Oscar J. Mesa and Salvatore Grimaldi

Annalisa Molini & Salvatore Grimaldi

Bettina Schaefli oral contribution

List of Poster (1-10, some posters are available) and Oral (11-16) contribution at AGU Fall Meeting

1) Estimating the Uncertain Mathematical Structure of Hydrological Model via Bayesian Data Assimilation
N Bulygina, H Gupta, G O'Donell, H Wheater

2) A Study of Recently Developed MCMC Techniques for Efficiently Characterizing the Uncertainty of Hydrologic Models
L A Marshall, T J Smith    

3) Physical basis of long-range persistence in the climate system
O J Mesa, V K Gupta

4) Developing Methods For Linking Surficial Aquifers With Localized Rainfall Data
W.B. Lafrenz, JF Van Gaalen

5) Causality, Scale Dependence and Intermittency Build-up Across Rainfall Time Scales: a Wavelet Approach
A. Molini, G Katul, A Porporato

6) Multisite rainfall dependence
A Bardossy

7) Modeling Extreme Rainfall Events in Connecticut Using Copulas
X Wang, M Gebremichael, J Yan

8) Quantifying Groundwater Fluctuations in the Southern High Plains with GIS and Geostatistics
B Whitehead

9)Groundwater Oxidizing And Reducing Conditions Near Yucca Mountain
O M Al-qudah, A Woocay, J C Walton

10) Empirical Mode Decomposition Method Applied to Atmospheric Variables
B L Barnhart, W Eichinger, J Prueger

11) Ecohydrological characterization of flow duration curves and annual minima in river basins
G Botter, S Zanardo, A Porporato, I Rodriguez-Iturbe, A Rinaldo

12) Multivariate Statistical Approach Applied to Sediment Source Tracking Through Quantification and Mineral Identification, Cheyenne River, South Dakota
J Valder, S Kenner, A Long

13) Application of a novel linear regression analysis to phase-space representations of air and soil temperature relationships
J Smerdon, H Beltrami, J Gonzalez-Rouco

14) Characterization And Simulation Of Hydraulic Conductivity Fields Using Copula Based Approaches
J Li, A Bárdossy

15) Short-term Temporal Stability of Canadian Prairie Hydrometeorological Data
K Shook, J Pomeroy

16) Bayesian Spectral Likelihood for Hydrology
B Schaefli, D Kavetski
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